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W h i t e  W i l l o w  S t o r i e s


-Britney, Bride-

"I know Brad very well, and when it came to having him as day-of coordinator for my wedding, I knew I would be very good hands. He is organized, reliable ,and extremely personable. Brad worked with me before the big day to make sure he knew what to expect and what I wanted, and then he attended the rehearsal and was very prepared, helping things run smoothly. So even before the wedding day, I was glad to have him around.


On the day of the wedding itself, I can’t say enough about how helpful he was. He came early and met all the vendors as they arrived, directing them and keeping things organized. After that, he was there during the ceremony, the bridal party’s pictures, and the reception, keeping things on schedule and yet still enjoying the celebration, which kept me relaxed and happy throughout the day.


Brad was wonderful at his job and had a huge hand in making my wedding absolutely perfect. He relieved so much of the stress that can be part of the experience, and he went above and beyond with all the things he did – keeping people calm, thinking of every detail, holding jackets during pictures, emceeing, and even delivering a journal I wrote for the groom before the ceremony. I was very happy to have him part of my special day, and I would highly recommend him and his services to any bride or groom."

"Brad was such a blessing to our family during the time that our daughter got married. The week before the wedding was a hectic time and Brad volunteered to help with many of the last minute details. Brad not only helped with the detail of putting together favors but also had a calming effect on those who were around him. A few days before the wedding, the venue of the original wedding site fell through. We had just a few days to find a new place and notify 200 guests of the change of plans. As the mother of the bride, I was in shock. I wondered how all this would work out. Brad’s leadership skills surfaced as he handled many of the problems and issues that arose. He helped us get settled in the new place at last minute notice, making phone calls to all our guests, informed the vendors of the new location, and made sure the decorating was completed, all in addition to coordinating the wedding itself! This took the pressure off of us because now we could just simply enjoy the moment and all the meaning behind the wedding as it was unfolding. We did not have to worry about details. He handled any issues after the wedding and also at the reception. He even helped us clean up.

The following year my son planned to get married, and one of the first things they did in their planning session was to make sure that Brad was available to be their wedding coordinator. Brad has awesome people skills and troubleshooting abilities. I knew I could trust him to make things work for them. He did not disappoint us,  fully handling issues as they arose at both weddings. I would highly recommend Brad to any couple planning to be married. He can help make the bride and groom and their family’s special day less stressful and more enjoyable."


-Kim, Mother of the Bride-


-Joy, Bride-

"Two weeks before my wedding my coordinator fell ill with shingles. I was ill prepared and did not have a back up plan. Unsure what to do or where to go from there, I called on my bridesmaid and best friend from University. I recalled having a conversation with her about her husband, Brad, and how he had done some event planning in the past. On a whim, I asked, and Brad answered. I was not one of those calm, organized, sane type brides. I was in the deep end of a stress filled pool. Brad, without hesitation, jumped right in! He graciously listened to my ramblings and helped me make sense of all the details. From the rehearsal dinner, to the final dance, and everything in between, Brad was with me every step of the way.


As an excellent communicator, and natural leader, he was able to give direction to the venue staff, as well as the other vendors, all of whom he had never met, nor spoken to prior to the wedding day. Not to mention, he was most kind and courteous when dealing with our families. My husband and I had a multicultural wedding with large families on either side. Brad was proactive in responding to unforeseen hiccups throughout the day. One of the biggest hurdles being  having to redo my seating chart morning of the wedding. Brad was creative and resourceful, using my bridesmaids to gather information on guest, to piece together a new arrangement. All the while, I was in my bridal suite worry free! He arrived early and stayed late to ensure not a detail was missed. If you are in need of a trustworthy coordinator who will go above and beyond, I can not recommend Bradley enough. My wedding day was everything I hoped it would be and more. I am incredibly thankful to have had Brad be apart of it!"

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